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Retail Fund Returns (net of all fees and before tax)

Dated at 31 March 20243 Mth1 Yr2 Yr p.a3 Yr p.a5 Yr p.a-
Devon Alpha Fund5.37%12.68%8.56%9.32%9.88%-
Devon Australian Fund6.67%16.94%8.43%9.69%9.16%-
Devon Diversified Income Fund0.98%4.98%2.73%1.96%2.45%-
Devon Dividend Yield Fund2.83%6.69%3.38%5.88%5.22%-
Devon Trans-Tasman Fund5.41%10.86%5.96%7.27%8.25%-
Devon Sustainability Fund5.15%10.20%4.17%4.72%--
Devon Global Impact Bond Fund0.66%4.78%-0.48%---
Devon Global Sustainability Fund11.58%22.76%12.34%---
Artesian Green and Sust Bond Fund (NZD)1.26%-----

Market Indices

Dated at 31 March 20243 Mth1 Yr2 Yr p.a3 Yr p.a5 Yr p.a
OCR + 5%*2.62%10.89%8.49%5.75%3.71%
S&P/ASX200G (NZD)6.60%16.61%7.58%9.72%10.16%
OCR + 1.5%1.76%7.22%5.97%4.63%3.67%
TT Index (Hedged)4.09%8.15%3.51%4.20%6.69%
TT Index (Un-Hedged)4.72%9.23%3.78%4.25%7.19%
Devon Sustainability Fund Benchmark**4.01%8.30%2.91%4.11%7.00%
Bloomberg Global Aggregate Total Return Index Hedged NZD-0.02%3.80%-0.59%--
MSCI All Country World Index (net dividends reinvested) in NZD with 50% hedged to NZD12.13%26.74%11.33%--
Bloomberg AusBond 0-5 Yr Index (NZD) 100% Hedged1.29%----

Wholesale Returns

Dated at 31 March 20243 Mth1 Yr2 Yr p.a3 Yr p.a5 Yr p.a
Devon Core Strategy3.07%2.21%1.59%1.21%6.39%
Devon NZ Only Strategy3.24%2.84%1.57%0.45%4.99%
Devon Sustainability Strategy5.38%11.08%5.38%5.98%8.34%
Devon Trans-Tasman Wholesale Strategy5.38%12.08%7.75%9.26%9.70%

* The Devon Alpha Fund changed benchmark from OCR to OCR + 5% as of 1 September 2022. 

** The Devon Sustainability Fund benchmark is a 50:50 composite of the S&P/NZX50 Portfolio Index and the S&P/ASX200G index hedged to NZD.

Past performance is not indicative of future results and no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made regarding future performance. Devon advises that all investors should seek independent financial advice prior to making any investment decisions.