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Benefits of Investing


Employing the expertise and resources of a professional manager may be beneficial if you do not have the time or skill to manage your own investments.


By pooling together large amounts of money, we are able to invest in a portfolio of securities which allows for diversification with the aim of reducing the risk of your investment. It also provides access to markets and securities that might otherwise be out of reach.


Our Funds are Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs). PIEs offer significant advantages from an administrative perspective. We take care of the paperwork involved in buying and selling securities, managing your dividends, interest, corporate actions, reporting and record keeping.


Our Funds are all PIEs for tax purposes, meaning that if you are a New Zealand resident unit holder and have supplied us with the correct PIR, tax is usually paid on your behalf at a rate approximating your marginal tax rate and there is no further tax to pay. PIE tax is capped at 28% which can be a benefit for 33% tax rate investors.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our proven and rigorous investment process is designed to identify the best opportunities for our clients’ portfolios. We employ fundamental research to ensure that we have a deep understanding of the companies that we invest into and what their fair value is.                             


Our Talent, Your Advantage

Devon Fund’s highly qualified and experienced team is committed to helping our clients achieve their investment results. We believe our advantage lies in our people and have worked hard to assemble the right talent with the necessary skills and experience to manage your portfolio.


Monthly Report.

Written by our expert inhouse team, Devon Monthly Reports include up-to-date details on all of the Devon Funds performance, latest market commentary and more.

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Product Disclosure Statement.

Get our latest Product Disclosure Statement. This document gives you important information to help you decide whether you want to invest.

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