The Devon Australian Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of 25-35 well researched shares which are primarily Australian listed companies. The Australian market offers exposure to a number of sectors that are not available in New Zealand. The Fund is actively managed, which means the holdings may differ considerably from its ASX200 index. While the Fund tends to be fully invested, when there are few compelling investment opportunities, the Fund may hold up to 20% cash or cash equivalent securities.



Fund Outline

Investment Objective The Fund aims to generate capital growth over the long term by actively managing your Australian equity investments.
Investment Approach Investments in companies will tend to be in ones that operate in areas of the economy where we believe there is strong growth and the company has a sustainable competitive advantage over its competition. In addition, we will also seek out short-term investment opportunities.
Investment Limits 80 – 100% Australian shares
0 – 20% Cash
Suitability Suitable for investors who want a high quality, actively managed exposure to the Australian stock market. Given the nature of this investment, we recommend a minimum investment period of at least five years.


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A prospectus for the Devon Australian Fund was registered with the Registrar of Financial Service Providers on 9 September 2016. A copy of the prospectus can be obtained (at no charge) by contacting Devon using the “Contact Us” tab. Alternatively the prospectus can be viewed online on the Companies Office website at under the file for Devon Funds Management Limited.